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Watch out! X-POS 1.9.1 has been released!
Posted by Tai Nguyen on 05 May 2016 06:17 PM

Dear Customers,

X-POS team is very excited to release the X-POS app for iPad version 1.9.1. This update contains not only bug fixes and stability improvements but also some utility features. Now, let's see some major ones:

1. Support PIN code for cashier login

PIN code

PIN code can be added in Admin Dashboard > Sales > POS > Manage Cashiers. Now cashier can instantly login to the app with PIN code instead of inputing username and password.

2. Customer data is configurable to load to iPad

X-POS settings

From version 1.9.1, you can configure the API to load or not load customer data to iPad app. It’s recommended to not load large amount of customer to iPad since it would take a lot of time.

Besides, there are some valued features below:

- Integrate with Star Micronics mPOP printer
- Integrate with some Epson printer models
- Receipt now supports Spanish
- Improve UI, UX

We hope you would love this update. Please continue send us feedback, we are listening!

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