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Advanced handling for jStorage in X-POS
Posted by Anh Le Quoc on 10 October 2014 05:57 PM
If you are troubleshooting issues with products not displaying, or have issues with data loaded, you can through the developer tools in Chrome or Firefox get information on the data stored in jStorage.
The following queries can be used in Firefox when you open the X-POS and access the debug panel (press F12) and open the console tab:
  • $.jStorage.storageObj(): show all data loaded to jStorage
  • $.jStorage.get('productData'): show all product data has been loaded to jStorage
  • $.jStorage.flush(): flush all current data in jStorage to make it get new data from server, this function has same behavior if user clicks on X-POS icon/Manual Reload "button"

Product data in jStorage

The data loaded into the X-POS are taken through cached data in Magento. This means, that when you modify something in Magento for a customer or a product, the changes are not instantly loaded. There are three places that changes needs to update before the data is available 1) In Magento, 2) in Cache, 3) In LocalStorage. 
To be sure that the data is the latest, you would therefore need to take the following steps:
  • Flush caches in Cache Management of Magento
  • Make a manual reload of X-POS to flush jStorage

Please contact our support for further help with troubleshooting any issues you have.

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