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Price and Tax Display in X-POS
Posted by Anh Le Quoc on 10 October 2014 02:59 PM
In the X-POS GUI there are two screens (panels) for displaying products:
  • Left screen: display products in Shopping Cart of an order (hereafter referred to as the Shopping Cart)
  • Right screen: display products when browsing categories or searching (hereafter referred to as the Product Listing)

These two screens can be set to display differently in regard to including and excluding tax amounts. The tax can be configured the settings for System/Configuration/Tax. The screens are taking their configuration from the following places:
  • Shopping cart: takes its settings from Shopping Cart Display Settings/Display Prices
  • Product listing: takes its settings from Price Display Settings/Display Product Prices In Catalog
When editting the price of a product in the shopping cart, X-POS will use the settings in System/Configuration/Tax/Calculation Settings/Catalog Prices:
  • If Catalog Prices is set to "Including tax": the new price entered by user already contains tax
  • If Catalog Prices is set to "Excluding tax": the new price entered by user does not have tax, X-POS will calculate tax and update price.

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